Friday, October 23, 2009

A Wink and a *Nod*

As the conversation with his mother ended, M got up and we were ready to go. The Imam had scheduled us for 3:00 pm and Z was trying to round up another witness. They weren't sure if my father was going to count since he was Christian, not Muslim. No one else was available because it was midday and everyone was at work.

It took about 35 minutes to drive to the mosque. None of us had ever been to the area where this mosque was and M kept telling me I was never going to find it. When we arrived we saw a tall brick building with a bank attached to it. It was large, but was obviously not originally built as a mosque.

The inside had offices and a banquet room. We were directed into the Imam's office and M went for wuzu. My parents sat on my right and when M got back he sat on the left. Z sat on the other side beside M. We discussed the mehr and filled out an application form. The Imam sat behind a large executive style desk. He only had a copy of the marriage documents in French. At this point, that was the least of my worries.

The paperwork was all in French and the Imam let me know that M would recite some Arabic. After M repeated a few phrases in Arabic the Imam asked me if I consented to the marriage. I looked up and nodded my head. I started to say something, but the Imam had already moved on to more Arabic. He had us both sign the marriage documents and I was married.

In short, I married a Pakistani-Canadian in a dual French/Arabic wedding by nodding my head.

Oh, and M wore blue jeans.


  1. At least you got to nod your head....I never even saw the imam. I just heard my name being said from the next room LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  2. yep me too they also stuck me in the other room and the imam didn't even meet me. so u were way more active with your head nod than I was!

  3. haha, at least now I don't feel alone!

  4. Too funny! We all live in a crazy, but fun, world!