Friday, July 11, 2008

What does it take?!

So M didn't call for a week. I continued about my business. I would go to the store I saw him at, almost daily to get fuel for the ambulance I was driving, but I wouldn't go into the store.

Eventually I gave up even that pretense and went into the store, "to get Aquafina." He, to my surprise, was watching me walk around the store and apologized for not calling me and told me he "lost my number." He seemed very serious and I did not believe him. He asked for the number again and we made an appointment for him to call, which he broke.

Let me make a long story short. We met in November, he took my number in December, and it took until January for him to call me. When he did finally decide to call, it was my first night out to a birthday party. He called and I was not home. I called him back and we made another appointment for him to call me when he got off work, "after midnight."

This time he called. We talked for almost three hours. I listened to him cook, we talked about my school, his job. . .we talked about what he liked to eat, we even hit the "do you drink/smoke/streetwalk for extra cash." Oh, wait, not that last one, but everything else.

He made me laugh and we decided to keep calling each other. . .so, I had a date, every night after midnight, for a phone call.


M was interesting to me. He was kind of a mystery and I think that was why I liked him. In the beginning, I would only see him at the store where I met him. He would ask me questions, and I would go about my day.

Eventually he asked me for my phone number and I had a moment's hesitation before giving it to him. I mean, who gives a guy they meet in a gas station their phone number? I just thought that it wouldn't make a very good "meeting" story, and would sound kind of funny on the news: "22 year old Paramedic killed by man she gave her phone number to in a gas station."

It was not a headline I thought my mother would appreciate reading. When I hesitated he had this look in his eye that won me over. He looked so,





I don't know what it was in his eyes, but I did give him my telephone number, and he told me he was going to call.

He didn't.