Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I decided, a while ago to go to law school. I got addicted to the research of M's immigration situation and thought that it would be really cool to actually know what the heck I was talking about for a change. This was how I set out on the journey to law school.

I thought about it for years, but the month S was born, I became certain, just certain I had to try it and decided. . .on a whim. . .to take the law school admissions test (LSAT). The LSAT is not the type of test you take on a whim. It is the kind of test you practice for. It is the kind of test that decides not just IF you get to go to law school, but how much law school is going to cost you.

I signed up just after S was born and ordered a study guide and two practice tests (yes two). The test was about five-six weeks later, and since I was late in registering, I had to sign up for a test about 70 miles away from home. You can imagine how much studying I got done with a one-month-old.

The night before the test, S was up until 3 am. I got up, dutifully, at 6:00 am to go and take my test. Can you imagine what a silly idea that was?!

So my score was okay. Not scholarship worthy, just ok, and I decided to take the test again. This time I registered early and orderd more than 15 practice tests and three different coaching books. There are prep classes for the LSAT, but they were too expensive for me.

In the end, my score was pretty good and I got into a nice law school, with a nice discounted tuition.

You know college brochures? Those pictures of co-eds sitting on a nicely groomed lawn, working together. . .people playing frisbee. . .perfect trees and impossible architecture? I thought those were fake, but now, I go to THAT SCHOOL. Today, it was nearly 80 degrees in my city and the lawn was absolutely covered in co-eds chatting on the lawn and even reading textbooks. (Am I the only person who never experienced that in undergrad?)

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  1. Woohoo! congrats on Law school. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but decided not to because, well, well, I thought I might run into too many situation where I would have to compromise my ethics.... ... maybe not, maybe I was just being paranoyed. Anyway, congrats. And, how is S? I had my own Baby A 4mo ago.
    Glad you are still posting.
    and, that you disabled that capcha thing so I could comment.