Sunday, March 29, 2009

Broken Promises

It became obvious over the course of those few weeks in December that a quick return home and a quick annulment/divorce were not going to be realistic. The family pressure was actually scaring M in a way that I simply never have understood. The paperwork was finally delivered in the last week of December and M was free to book his ticket. The ticket was almost expired at this point and booking a flight with it carried a cash penalty.

M tried to convince me this was the main problem, until I discovered the U.S. Dollar value of 50 Rupees. . . .

The cash penalty wasn't the main problem though, the main problem was booking a flight that corresponded to his original booking from five months earlier. Consistently, he would think he had a flight and then would call me the morning of or the day before, to let me know that the plans had fallen through. Finally, on January 5, 2005 I had had enough. I had waited and waited and actually made plans for my trip to pick him up at the airport in Canada. (A 12-hour trip, mind you.) He called me from the cell phone, while riding in a cab. He sounded out of breath and apologetic as he once again cancelled telling me he had even gone so far as to ride to the airport and his ticket was not accepted. In the background I could hear all of the horns honking and traffic noises. He gave me the news and quickly had to get off the phone due to all of the distractions.

I had been called and cancelled three times in two weeks, and I gave up. I called M on the phone after he got home. I was crying and told him that I did not care if he came back or not. I told him that he obviously had no intention of being honest with me and did not care for me in the way that I had been led to believe. I told him that he had proven it multiple times, first by making the trip when we both knew it was a bad idea, then by extending his stay, marrying some strange woman, and cementing it with 'jerking me around' for such a long time.

Instead of apologizing he simply listened, made an excuse or two, and acted as if I were being unreasonable, which made me more angry. Finally he said, "Fine," and we hung up.


  1. This sounds like a nightmare for you! You were far more patient than I would have been!

  2. Hey CMM! I'm curious if M knows about this blog and, if so, how does he feeling about the telling of your story?

  3. M does know about it. He actually gets consulted for posts sometimes. . .he does not read it, though I think at some point he will. . .He does not like to think about any of it (AT ALL) so remembering it by reading it would not be his cup of tea.

    He actually wishes it were a book instead of a blog.

    Worrying about his impression of the writing is one of the MANY reasons it takes me so long to post. I don't want to post anything that might be inaccurate or insulting to him or rob him of certain aspects of privacy. . .

    That is very important to me so I'm trying to take care in telling the story.