Monday, February 2, 2009

Knocking on the Door

As I walked towards the apartment building my stomach started to turn. M did not know I was coming, I had never met the friend he was living with and I had been awake for many hours too long. The buildings were tan and old and looked very run-down. I opened the rickety glass door by it's metal handle, which was broken and stepped off of the cracked stone walk and into the dark tile floored entryway.

Apt 1 was on my right and I knocked, timidly on the door and stepped to the side so that he couldn't see me through the peephole. I wanted to see his reaction when he opened the door. I heard him yelling as he came to the door. He poked his head out to see who was knocking and his eyes opened WIDE. M saw me and immediately took a step back inside and then all the way outside to look for sure.

His eyes were wide open and so was his mouth. He grabbed my arms and hugged me hard. "What are you doing here?" he asked. I could see he was in shock and I was giggling and smiling uncontrollably. "How did you come? Oh my God!" he just kept repeating over and over again. He didn't want to take me inside so we stepped out into the sunshine and I told him about the man on the balcony who had guided me to his house. In awe M walked out with me to introduce me to the man. M kept staring at the car and couldn't believe I had driven the whole way.

I was sleepy, but even more hungry so we drove to a tiny Chinese buffet in the shopping center just down the street from M's house. The food was absolutely aweful, but M just kept staring at my face. I explained the whole story about how I found the address and drove all night. I told him about getting lost and told him about how much I had missed him. M just kept staring at my face. I told him, "I just had to come. I couldn't wait any longer."

He finally just looked at me and said, "We have to get married. You have to marry me, right?"

It was funny, he said it just like that, like it was only logical. We had both thought about it, but never said it out loud. Just like that, it was out loud.


  1. awww. isnt it beautiful to not only be in love but to be loved??? lol, waiting anxiously for the next installment!

  2. yes, u certainly have kept us in suspense! LOL!

  3. AWWW..thats so sweet. im glad im starting this blog from the begening!