Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's funny to remember. I had never been outside the country, never had a passport, never flown on a plane, so what is the first thing a girl does when she starts dating a Pakistani Canadian? Goes out and gets her passport. . .er. . .well, that was what I had done anyway. For some reason in my crazy head, I knew I just had to see Pakistan, and that we might go to Canada as well, so I had gotten my passport pretty quickly.

I had printed out my directions, and didn't want to tell my parents about the trip until I was well on my way. I decided this was not the most intelligent thing to do so I immediately called my father, who tried to subtly talk me out of it. Not out of going, but out of starting my trip at 9:00 pm after a 10 hour work-shift with no plans for hotels. I would also be travelling through New York and that made him very nervous. I was not hearing any of that. I had to go and I promised to keep my phone charged and to stay awake. I also promised to stop at a hotel if things got really bad. I KNEW I would not be stopping. I had to get there, I quite literally could think of nothing else. So after my father, I called one of my oldest friends and started describing my trip to her, all the while driving North on I-95. I was 25 minutes into my journey when she said, "Okay, so you've got everything you need, right?"

I started making an outloud list for her to evaluate. . . .she says, "Okay, what about your passport? You'll need that, right?"

In my crazy haste, no, I did not have my passport and it made me laugh. I turned around to go retrieve it from my house, a quick running in and out and I was on my way again.

M called me while I was on the way. We usually talked in the evening. He could tell that I wasn't at home and it worried him. I told him I was just depressed and was going to drive around for a little while. He asked me to call him when I got home and I told him it would be too late and I would talk to him tomorrow. He was very upset by this, and tried more than once to get me to go home. He had no idea what I was doing.

Hey, did you know that you don't have to drive through Connecticut to get to Montreal from Virginia?

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  1. oh loool you tease!!! im waiting to hear what happens when he sees you in canada....dont wait too long for inspiration plz.